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Artists & Cartographers

Artists to try

Jon Hodgson
d100 / TOR / AiME

Artists from Star Trek Adventures

Conan Artists

7th Sea Artist

Character Artist

Santiago Iborra


Robert Altbauer

Cartographer who uses GPS style map data for real-world maps

OSR Style Artists

One note on Del Teigeler — he’s coming out with a Spaceships stock art pack and I may use his art for Imperium and maybe commission some new art.

I have also use JE Shields for custom art for Dungeonesque but he’s pretty expensive and is not into cartography, but just FYI. Robert Altbauer does the color maps for us, but his B&W maps don’t look very hand-drawn.

Last comment — although it’s nice to standardize as much as possible on the Dyson Logos style, a few of these art styles (like Monkey Blood) have a slightly different style, but still very cool. I’m OK with a _bit_ of variation in styles so long as they all look hand-drawn and cool.

Shane Ward

Dyson Logos
Ask him what his rates are

Eneko Menica

Miska Fredman

Mark Skinner

Daniel F. Walthall

Del Teigeler
Old School Art
Spaceships Stock Art

Roger Thorm
Exquisite Corpse Dungeon 4

Kristian Richards

Monkey Blood Design