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Card Deck Production Costs & Suppliers

Stan wrote:

Just to make sure I’m doing the math right, so if these new decks have 54 cards, are these the rough prices?:

*Background Card-type decks* — 1$/card * 54 = $54 per deck

*Location-type decks* (using existing templates, where you illustrate the diagram from a sketch) — 1.5$/card + 2$/diagram = (1.5+2)*54 = $189 per deck

*Develop a new card template* = 10 to 30$

Damien wrote:

To give you some insight into the “card pack” technique that I used for the location decks: Each pack is 6 cards. I settled on that number because 54 is neatly divisible by 6, resulting in a total of 9 “packs” to be assigned for each deck.

Background-type cards have around 75 words at the higher end. That translates to $1.50 for the writing, and another $1.50 for the editing. You’d be paying out $9 per pack to each of us, though I imagine you’d probably want to round that up to $10 just to make everything neat and even.

Location-type cards aim for about 120 words, which is $2.50 for writing, $2.50 for editing, and approximately $1.70 for the sketch. That makes it $25 per pack to the writer, and $15 per pack to myself.

So after doing all the crunchy mathy calculations (and assuming you agree with the pricing), it looks like all the combined writing, editing, and layout will run you a total of:

$234 per background-style deck
$594 per location-style deck


Supplier Note





Get quote from this person: Dear Stan Shinn,

I am Cristabella from LongPack in Shanghai, China.

We are a Shanghai-based cardgame and boardgame manufacturer and we are interested in bringing your game alive!

Please check our website to find out more of our projects

We have assisted many game publishers clients with production of their games. References upon request.

If you are interested, please send us your game’s inquiries once it is ready and we will be very keen to provide the quotation for you.

Looking forward to your feedback, thank you !

Best Regards,



phone. +86.21.5169.6158




Sorry for the delayed response! I have reviewed the cardstock types and I would like to go with the card stock type.

I’ve narrowed down the type of packaging I’d like to use to two types:

(1) the plastic case (cf. _______)
(2) The 4×6 clamshell

Sample of 4×6 (send photos of GoT version)
Cost / viability of doing just the GM card run first. Is there a price difference? (aside from shipping)
Art specs, etc.
Shipping cost estimate

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Printing cost RFP for GM Token Pack

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