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Contracting Workflow


This article below gives a great overview of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), Master Service Agreements (MSA), Statements of Work (SOW), and
Change Orders (CO). We’ll use the first 3 with all our contractors. We probably won’t use Change Orders for now since our projects are so small.

In a nutshell, an MSA is an agreement about how we do business in general, but with project specifics or prices. The SOW is a contract ‘rider’ or addendum that specifies the actual work, timing, and fees. The emails I’ve sent for work you, Paul, and Nathan have done have been essentially SOWs done without an MSA.

Legal Doc Templates

Here are the Google Doc templates:




Damien’s Signature Authority

Damien, I’m granting you ‘signature authority’ to create individual SOWs up to $250 apiece, not to exceed a total of $2,500 in a given months time (unless I give you permission in advance to go beyond this). Basically, you fill out the NDA, MSA, and SOWs using my canned signature, and just keep me in the loop as to the work you’re doing. This was you can contract folks without waiting on me as the middle-man.

Creating the Agreements

Use the Google doc templates to create new, personalized agreements. Replace the blue text with the appropriate text and turn the font to black. Then save to PDF.

Getting Signatures for the Agreements

We could do signatures the old fashioned way (email PDF to contractor, then they sign, scan, and email back).

You could also try out using to eSign contracts.

If you don’t like it, feel free to try out some of the options below (or any other reasonably priced solution you find).

Contract Process

Here’s the general workflow I’m envisioning. I’m open to other ways to do it though.

1. Damien Has Initial Contact With Contractor

Damien communicates with new potential contractors about potential contract work. Before rates or specific product information are disclosed, Damien confirms the contractor’s potential interest and then sends Stan the email, name, and address of the contractor.

2. Damien Sends NDA & MSA

Damien then fills out and sends both an NDA and MSA to the contractor for the contractor to sign. Stan fields any legal questions. This is only done once. For subsequent SOWs, we don’t need to resign the NDA & MSA as they will still be in effect.

3. Damien Has Project / Fee Discussion With Contractor

Assuming the contractor signs both the NDA and MSA, then Damien communicates with the signed contractor (typically by email) disclosing our standard rates and the specific jobs Damien has for them. Damien can share project rate and other project information such as writing standards.

4. Damien Sends SOW

If the person agrees, then Damien sends over a filled out SOW document (typically in a Google Document) converted to PDF, signs, and sends to the contractor for his signature. Work can then proceed.

5. Damien Manages Project

Damien works with the Contractor to complete and revise the work by the scheduled due date. Damien should contact Stan if there is any major issue needing Stan’s opinion or intervention.

6. Damien Approves Project Completion and Stan Pays Contractor

Once a project has been completed by the contractor with all revisions done and Damien’s approval, Damien moves the work to a shared cloud folder, alerts Stan that the work is done, and alerts Stan of the amount that should be paid to the contractor along with the description of the job being paid. Stan pays contractor via Paypal.