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Damien Roadmap

Call Topics

General Overview

  • Coming print runs
  • Writers update — any feedback on how its going?
  • Email update
  • Google Docs update

Outstanding Kickstarter Deliverables

Parallel Work

Jason ‘Flynn’ Kemp for Imperium design

Consider Mark Stout for Rarescape Edges

Work Queue

Project Queue

Current Projects

(1) Loot (2 Pages)

  • Timing: Sept. 10
  • Pay: $0.03 a word, rounded up to $25 for the entire project.

(2) Imperium Work (but waiting on Stan for moment)

Imperium cards (see iPhone pic)

(3) Redmark Modules

  • Project manage writers for modules 2-4

(4) 20 Riddles for Chronicles Almanac Volume II?

  • Timing: This fall (but will pay when work is done if early)
  • Pay: $0.03 a word, rounded up to $25 for the entire project text of 20 riddles (can be public domain or original).


  • 5e GM Toolkit
    • Loot
  • Imperium
    • Manage Flynn’s work?
    • Imperium InDesign Layout of Book 1 and/or 2 (mimic Classic Traveller)
    • Imperium Adventure(s)?
  • Redmark Modules
    • Project manage writers for modules 2-4
  • Chronicles
    • Project manager and/or write Malloy’s Almanac Volume II
  • Rarescape
    • Supers 1-Sheet & Setting (see
    • Description: 5e for every Genre RPG. Need Feats / Edges. Plan private beta by end of year, and Kickstarter once game is written and has art.
  • Boot Hill
    • Need rules for Dex / Weapon Speed, weapons tables, odds and ends, layout.
  • Gravequest
    • Description: 5e skirmish game that requires no GM and allows you to run and level a character leading a warband.  Modelled off Ossprey’s ‘Frostgrave’. Need editing and scenario writing.
  • Redmark Modules
    • Project manage writers for modules 5-7

Managing Editor Work

Monthly stipend; generates editing work

  •  Infrastructure
    • Catalog Dyson Logos commercial art used / not used; monitor Dyson new art
    • Edit / feedback on ‘Working with Rogue’ (doc I gave my Dicehaven guys), editorial standards (cf. material I gave to Ben Lawrence)
  • Startup
    • Determine levels, regions for future modules
    • Select writers (cf. my spreadsheet)
  • Ongoing
    • Art direction (e.g. maps we commission for modules)
    • Commission writers and artists; tell me when to pay
    • Creates production deadlines / schedule for writers (allowing for writers who fall through, etc.)

Product Calendar

Old Kickstarter Products to Deliver

  • Adventure Location Card Decks
  • 5e Gamemaster Toolkit