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Folding Hang Tabs

Do-It / is my preferred Hang-Tab vendor (unline U-Line, they have _folding_ hang tabs). I use R-52 hang tabs which are out of the way until you pop up the tab if the retailer needs it.

A deck of cards weights 3-4 oz if you include the case.

The possible hang-tabs I could have used:

1st Choice:
1.375 x 1.375in

2nd Choice:
2.5 x 1.5in

3rd Choice:
R-51 / R-57 Imperial Metric
2.5 x 1.5in (W/H)

I went with R-52 since it has the smallest footprint.

They have an online store here:

But the R-52 product isn’t available online. If you call them, they will see if it is in stock and you place the order over the phone.

Phone #:

Uline option (but don’t fold over) are at: