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Gravequest Beta

See this 14 page PDF. Not perfect and not complete, but I believe it’s playable. Text in quotes is text from Frostgrave which I’ll rewrite. Text in italics are reference notes to explain my thinking.

Known Open Questions
  • Monster spawning location rules (need better rules)
  • Weapon & Spell Ranges (should 5e’s be modified?)
  • HP growth over time (will high level PCs be an issue?)
  • AoE templates (should 5e’s be modified?)
  • Falling rules (how to push and damage)
  • Are there spells like Telekinesis or Mage Hand that could break the Treasure mechanics?

Future Rules / Content It Needs

  • Treasure Tables
  • Creatures Random Encounter Tables
  • Campaign Scenarios
  • Advice on running solo games (players plays 2 warbands and 2 characters).
  • Advice on scaling game up or down based on number of players
  • Home Base rules like Frostgrave
  • Pregen PCs
  • NPC/Hireling Cards and/or Warband Character Sheets
— Stan