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See this thread below on a rules correction:

“Characteristic Modifiers
Once you have assigned your characteristic scores, you can determine your characteristic modifiers. These modifiers are applied to any check when you do something related to that characteristic. An ability score modifier is calculated by dividing the ability score by three, dropping all fractions, and then subtracting one, so that the average characteristic score of 7 has a DM+0.”


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Dan Higdon Yeah, the correct formula is “round_down(Stat / 3) – 2”

Or rather, “a formula that matches the SRD modifier rule”.

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Ingo Heinscher 0/3-2 is -2, but the modifier for 0 is -3.
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Dan Higdon Hmmm, 0 breaks the pattern, doesn’t it?
Looks like there’s no simple function that will computer a valid modifier, since the size of the number ranges are inconsistent at the lowest end.
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Paul Elliott Even now I can’t remember the modifier cut off points, so in my games I split rolls into skill rolls and characteristic rolls (characteristic rolls are 10+ to succeed, adding half the characteristic round down). 
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Jason Kemp It’s minus two. I messed up.