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Mystique: The 1d6 Core Mechanic

Use ships and other vehicles from Mini6 game as additional starting point for Rarescape lists.

Rename Quality to ‘Offense’?

Core Mechanic

The core mechanic:

1d6 + Skill Bonus + DMs >= 6.

1d6 + mods  >= 6.


1d6 + Skill Bonus Odds of Hitting TN 6 Odds of Hitting TN 5
+0 17% 33%
+1 33% 50%
+2 50% 67%
+3 67% 83%
+4 83% 100%
+5 100% 100%



2d6 + Skill Bonus Odds of Hitting TN 8
-2 17%
+0 42%
+1 58%
+2 72%
+3 83%
+4 92%
+5 97%


Core Stat Blocks

Core Stat Blocks

Like the Fate Fractal in the Fate RPG, Mystique treats everything like a characters. Rules for tearing down a door, running character combat, vehicle chases, and mass starship battles all revolve a simple, basic, and consistent way of mechanically representing objects and their aspects.

Traits by Type

Objects and Vehicles have these stats:

  • Quality (Melee, Ranged, Morale), Defense (Dodge & Parry)

Creatures, Characters, and Mobs have these stats:

  • Fight (Melee), Shoot (Ranged), Dodge, Parry

Open Questions

Skill Bonus vs. TN Notation

Fight +3 vs. Fight 3+

Skill Bonus and TN Notation

Skills show the bonus you’re given to your die roll, and are noted as the Skill Name followed by the bonus:

Fight +3

The above means that you get +3 to your 1d6 die roll. With the default Target Number (TN) of 5, that means with a +3, you need to get a 2 or better on your 1d6 die roll to succeed.

An alternate notation (used particularly in Vehicles) is to show the TN instead of the Skill Bonus (since Vehicles don’t have skills). So instead of:

Fight +3

A vehicle would have:

Quality 2+

Here is a comparison of the main Skill Levels and their equivalent TN notation:

+0 = 5+

+1 = 4+

+2 = 3+

+3 = 2+

+4 = 1+

+5 = 0+

+5 is the highest skill rank PCs can obtain.

Note that when you have a +4  or +5, if there are no negative DMs, you’re always going to succeed at a give Skill Check. Negative DMs are not uncommon though, and in opposed rolls such as combat, even with a Fight +4 skill which hits automatically (if there are no negative DMs), your opponent gets to roll Defense and may still avoid taking damage.

Derived Skills

There are a few skills which are derived from your core skills:

Parry = Fight -2

Dodge = Athletics -2

Derived skills are ranked at a minimum of +1, so if you have Fight +1, your Parry is still +1.

OR SKIP ABOVE and instead do a point build with limits to how much you can put into physical skills.

Default Skills:


Setting Skills:

Knowledge (Arcana)
Knowledge (Astrogation)
Knowledge (Computers)
Knowledge (Demolitions)

Physical Skills

  1. Athletics
  2. Burglary
  3. Drive
  4. Fight
  5. Notice
  6. Physique
  7. Shoot
  8. Stealth

Other Skills

  1. Contacts
  2. Crafts
  3. Deceive
  4. Empathy
  5. Investigate
  6. Lore
  7. Provoke
  8. Rapport
  9. Resources
  10. Will
  11. Knowledge (Arcana)
  12. Knowledge (Astrogation)
  13. Knowledge (Computers)
  14. Knowledge (Demolitions)

Example Starting Skills for a Seasoned Character:
Great (+4) Shoot
Good (+3) Athletics, Fight
Fair (+2) Crafts, Notice, Resources
Average (+1) Contacts, Physique, Provoke, Rapport

Other other skills are considered ‘Unskilled’ and have a +0 skill ranking.

Example Starting Skills for a Novice Character:
Great (+3) Shoot
Good (+2) Athletics, Fight
Fair (+1) Crafts, Notice, Resources

Other other skills are considered ‘Unskilled’ and have a +0 skill ranking.


The most basic incarnation in Mystique is an Object. Objects have a Defense stat and Hit Points. Defense for Objects represent how hard they are to damage, even though the Object is (usually) inanimate.

Door: HP 10; DEF +3.


Lion: HP: 12; Quality: +3; Defense: +2; Attack: 2 claws (+3 to hit, 1d4 damage), 1 bite (+3 to hit, 1d8 damage); Special: Fast.

Groups (Mobs, Units)

Angry Thugs [5]: HP: 50 [10 each]; Quality: +2; Defense: +2; Attacks: 1 crowbar (+2 to hit, 1d4 damage); Special: Low Morale.

Commando Team [6]: HP 90 [15 each];Quality: +4; Defense: +3; Attacks: 1 Submachine Gun (+4 to hit, 3d6 damage); Special: Low Morale.

Hit Points:

Fair (+2) Fight, Shoot, Dodge, Parry

(Fight is attacking in Melee (closed range) attacks where you are in hand-to-hand combat. Shoot is shooting a ranged weapon such as a gun, bow-and-arrow, spear, or thrown object.

Fighting attacks are defended with the Dodge skill. Shooting attacks are defended with the Parry skill. Attacks against something besides a character (Objects or Vehicles) use Defense for both Dodge and Parry skills.

Dodge is for Ranged attacks only

Parry is for Melee attacks only)


Hit Points:

Great (+4) Crafts
Good (+3) Resources, Lore
Fair (+2) Athletics, Fight, Shoot
Average (+1) Contacts, Physique, Provoke, Rapport

Dodge +1, Parry +1, Leather Armor (-2 DR)

Highly Advanced Prosthetic. While in the Iron Man armor, gain +2 overcome rolls for feats of strength using Physique.
Secondary Systems. You don’t ever have to spend a fate point to declare that you have the proper tools for a particular job using Crafts, even in extreme situations. This source of opposition is just off the table.
Gold-Titanium Alloy. Gain Armor: 2 while wearing the Iron Man armor.




Scale, plus stats above

Quality Tests

Other examples of test:

Low Morale: Angry mob will flee once they go below half their original number. When this happens, roll a TN 5 Quality test. Each creature that fails will flee as far from their attackers as possible in a way that makes most narrative sense.

TEST: Run mob, raptors and T-Rex (has SCALE) battle.




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