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OPR License

Hi Gaetano!

Now that you’ve signed the Non-disclosure agreement, I’d like to share my proposal.

There is about 1,500 to 2,000 words of text from your One Page Rules games and army lists which I’d like to license. Here’s a rough first draft of the rules text I’m interested in:

Note that some of the rules (especially the Fantasy special rules) are a bit dated since they are from the 1.0 version of Grimdark Fantasy or an earlier beta version of Grimdark Future 2.0. If you agree to the proposal below I’ll update the doc to reflect the most current rules text.

Pay: I propose to pay you $300 (US dollars) to license the rules noted in the above Google Document.

Normally I pay $0.02 to $0.03 per word for work-for-hire text. For 2,000 words, normally I’d pay $60, but these rules have been tested for quite a while and are quite compact (plus I’m in love with the OPR rules!). So I propose paying five times that normal amount ($300 US dollars, payable via PayPal or some similar means) for the text.

Let me know your thoughts on that amount.

Optional Designer Credit: After I license the rules, I’ll be modifying them a bit. I’ll be including them as part of the Rarescape RPG game (a d20 roleplaying game that will be around a 256 page full color game book) and I’m happy to include your name as a game designer for that system. I’ll send you a copy of the complete game before it goes to print and you can let me know if you want your name on the game. We won’t actually write that into the agreement, but instead you can just let me know after you see the final game if you want your name attached to the game or not.

Licensing Approach: Essentially I’d like to license the rules text as if it were ‘work for hire’ which means I’d make a one-time payment and have the ability to use the text as if you had written it from scratch for me and I would not have to pay royalties on it and I’d have unlimited use of those particular rules. I’d have language to make clear that it is a non-exclusive license, meaning you’d still have all the rights to the rules and could continue to use them as you see fit, so you don’t give up any rights even though I’ll be using the rules on my side for my game products.

Let me know you thoughts and what questions you have 🙂