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Plot Point Campaign Book

50 Fathoms is sort of the Gold Standard by which plot point campaigns are judged:

That being said, Pinnacle has moved to a shorter format, as see in this The Last Parsec plot point campaign:

The new Plot Point campaigns are in a comic book graphic novel size (typically 6-5/8″ wide by 10-1/4″ high).

How To notes:

Plot Point Arc Structure:

Writing Plot Point Campaigns:

Examples of Plot Point Campaign Summaries:

Costs to Publish:

Here’s a close size if you want to do print on demand: 7.44″x9.69″

6.30 + .025 per page
= $8.70 for a 96 page hardcover

1.20 + .025 per page
= $3.60 for a 96 page hardcover

Pinnacle Entertainment Group Addresses Gamer OCD Over New Savage Worlds Book Size

$4-$5 S&H for a book

Dissecting the contents of The Last Parsec plot point book above (plus similar books) you see this rough structure:

The Last Parsec and other recent plot point campaigns have these word counts:

50,000 words for the whole book
1500 words per plot point adventure (plot points being the ‘key stories in the campaign that MUST happen’). You need 8-12 of these.
Savage tails run 700 to 750 words (one shot adventures and adventure seeds). You need 20+ of these.

Which breaks down into:

Setting Overview: 2250 words / Total 4 pages
Setting Rules: around 3500 words (chapters 2 & 4 in The Last Parsec) / Total 10 pages
Gazetteer: around 17,000 words (chapters 3 & 5)
Plot Point: around 15,000 words (chapter 6) (5 adventures, 10 pages)
Savage Tales: around 10,000 words (chapter 7)
Bestiary: around 6,000 words (chapter 8) / Total 10 pages

— Stan