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Product Roadmap


Janine — card sticker issue, “Abuse is the cost of doing business”

Ask Damien:
Total money owed.
Time estimate if HE takes over project, runs all playtest packets, does 10 different messages to KS backers, learns and runs Pledge Manager, handles all order issues, etc.
Interest in above?
Time to finish Gravequest (after he flips through my books).

  • BUCKET LIST — Gravequest (96 pages, cheap art, full color, 5e extension game. VERIFICATION: Can 5e classes be ‘balanced’ in co-op like this? Is non-PvP satisfying? What about using non-magic users classes?. WRITING NEEDED: 10 Scenarios, edit Magic Items down, tweak bestiary rules; ties into possible Minis Business for Matt. Get George and friend to write some scenarios?). Frostgrave is 34K words and 130 pages. You could trim at least 20-30 pages, so you’d only need 26K words, most of which is written.
    BONUS: You get warbands, cool terrain, Matt gets modeling money. NO character sheets, NO settings, etc. Don’t have stretch goals. NO playtest needed. USE REDMARK as setting.

  • BUCKET LIST — Ultimate Warfare / Open Warfare (Saga Society Tie-In) — Also would support Matt business).
  • BUCKET LIST — Mystique (multi-genre, ready to print)
  • BUCKET LIST — Adventure a Week Podcast with Matt (Or maybe its Matt and George or something?)

  • Cinematic (Box Set + Cards, cover art only, have Damien playtest first?)
  • Eighties Things (96 pages, cheap art, full color, Fate & Savage Worlds only and SW already done)
  • Redmark Modules (LOE TBD, Damien commission based)
  • Boot Hill (LOE TBD, trademark issues, Damien commission based)
  • Reich America (Robert willing to invest, art funding, % TBD after Robert makes money back)

Card packaging (card rear falling off).

(1) Split company revenue (performance based $)
(2) Cancel KS, pay everyone, do a closed-beta, and give Damien assets and let him re-Kickstart using old book cover art when game is COMPLETE and he can post a Quickstart, and Stan to take a portion (50/50% for 1st years revenue) of the profits? (and when he does it, option for it to be under DAMIEN’s name, licensed from RC?)

Move on to work on 80s Things, etc.

DAMIEN AND/OR WOODY (Deadline: March)

(POTENTIAL GO-BIG) Gravequest (Ready-to-print: Fantasy and minis art; only cover art needed) OR STAN ONLY (NO NEED FOR DAMIEN?)

(POTENTIAL GO-BIG) Cinematic / RPG Box Set (Ready-to-print: ‘Play to Prep’ game modeled off Exploding Kittens set, Background and Location Cards add-ons) OR STAN ONLY (NO NEED FOR DAMIEN?)

(POTENTIAL GO-BIG) Eighties Things (Ready-to-print: Rarescape, Cypher, Fate, and Savage Worlds (but this was already done in Monster Hunter club?), cover and minimal interior art needed; location diagrams)

Redmark Modules (Finish Up) — convert to Adventure a Week Podcast?
Boot Hill (Finish Up)


Mystique (ready to print)

Rarescape: Ultimate Warfare



  1. Rarescape (Oct. 2018)
  2. (ADV) Eighties Things (Summer 2019) (Rarescape, Cypher, Fate, and Savage Worlds, cover and minimal interior art needed; location diagrams) 
  3. Gravequest (ready to print; fantasy and minis art; only cover art needed)
  4. (ADV) Reich America Books 1-3 (Rarescape, Mystique, Cypher, Fate, and Savage Worlds) 
  5. (ADV) Redmark Modules 2-4 (ready to print; OBS print-on-demand)
  6. Cinematic/ RPG Box Set (‘Play to Prep’ game modeled off Exploding Kittens set, Background and Location Cards add-ons)
  7. Damien’s Box Set Card Game
  8. Boot Hill Box Set (ready to print) — KS delivers in 6 months (Aug.)
  9. Imperium Box Set (Beta version, mostly ready-to-print) — KS delivers in 12 months
  10. Rarescape: Ultimate Warfare 
  11. Mystique (ready to print)
  12. 3rd Party Savage Worlds products licensed and ported to Rarescape
  13. Rarescape Fantasy Companion (strongholds, etc.)
  14. Rarescape Sci Fi Companion
  15. Rarescape Supers Companion
  16. Rarescape Horror Companion
  17. Location Cards 2 (add Starships, maybe one more, plus backlost)
  18. Chronicles Volume II (ready to print) — KS delivers in 4 months
  19. Location Book (location cards and hooks in a book form)
  20. <<RC Adventures Podcast>>
  21. (ADV) Gaslight Heroes (M&M, SW, Fate; Fate RPG depends on Fate More 2 KS)
  22. (ADV) Dreadfall
  23. (ADV) Imperium: Blood & Steel
  24. (ADV) Steamscape Setting / Adventures
  25. (ADV) Agents of Talon Setting / Adventures
  26. (ADV) Lemuria / Atlantis
  27. (ADV) Rarescape Online / Grimspace Setting / Adventures
  28. (ADV) Imperium Adventures #2
  29. (ADV) Imperium Adventure #3
  30. (ADV) Redmark Modules 5-7 (ready to print; OBS print-on-demand)
  31. Chronicles Volume III (ready to print) — KS delivers in 4 months
  32. Dungeonesque Bundle of Holding
  33. True100
  34. 1-Sheet Miniatures Games Compendium
  35. Gravequest Supplement 1
  36. Gravequest Supplement 2
  37. Gravequest Supplement 3
  38. Redmark Modules 8-10 (ready to print; OBS print-on-demand)
  39. Redmark Modules 11-13 (ready to print; OBS print-on-demand)
  40. Redmark Modules 14-16 (ready to print; OBS print-on-demand)
  41. Redmark Repackaged (320 Towns, Gazeteer, etc.)
  42. Rarescape Tactics (pt-buy miniatures game)
  43. Pulp Supers Setting / Adventures
  44. Rush Caress of Steel Licensed Setting
  45. True100
  46. B-Movie RPG
  47. Mousehaven Kids Game 
  48. Ziplock baggy type quick family RPG games