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Stan’s Scratchpad

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Hey gang! I would like to plan a ‘Dicehaven GM Summit’ for around mid-November (maybe Nov. 11 or Nov. 18 before the games those weekends) where the GMs of our Dicehaven game club can do some strategic planning about our future campaigns and related RPG activities.

Prior to the GM summit I’d like to send out a survey to all players in our Dicehaven group to get feedback on settings and systems they’d love to play in someday, as well as their availability and frequency at which they can game.

Questions for you: Could you review my notes below and let me know what games systems and settings you’d like to have on the player survey prior to the GM Summit? And if there’s any topics you’d want in the survey or want to discuss at the GM summit?

GM Summit Attendees: Stan, Robert, Mason, Jeff, John S.  (quorum will be if we can get at least 4 in that list). Robert Bailey has talked about GMing but hasn’t yet, maybe running a Supers campaign at some point.

— Stan’s Notes —

Upcoming Milestones

We’re almost 4 years old as a club (woot!) and it so happens a few things are happening around November:

  • Fata Nonum will wrap up
  • We might have some feedback from Jim Bob about his participation going forward
  • John will likely have some more free time for gaming / GMing
  • Future activities like Lone Star Game Expo II, the Tolkien Fellowship, etc., may effect some of our time

I would like to review what campaigns folks would like to run over the next two years or so, and what extracurricular activities we’re doing. We might not do anything different than our current trajectory, but who knows, maybe we might do some re-org’s of who plays what and when.

Extracurricular RPG Activities

Extracurricular RPG activities that might happen over next 2 years:

  • Tolkien Fellowship (Tolkien Society ‘Smial’ which will have a room at NTRPGCon).
  • John has talked about doing a commercial version of Monsters Are People 2
  • Lone Star Game Expo II & III
  • Stan is talking about doing a ‘CometCast’ Rogue Comet podcast, likely starting Fall 2018
  • Saga Society (Stan’s family-friendly gaming organization under discussion)
  • An Accessibility Nonprofit (Would be cool to do something like but for tabletop)

Campaign Schedule

Would like to see what changes (if any) to make to the schedule and what new campaigns folks want to add to the schedule (e.g. anything John S. or John B. runs).

Megacampaign Settings

One thing I’d love to see more of is ‘megacampaigns’. By this, I mean settings which are well-documented, have a lot of support and resources, and lend themselves to multiple-GMs running over a period of years. Examples:

  • Redmark (not well-documented yet, but will be by next year)
  • Middle-earth
  • Star Wars
  • Traveller / 3rd Imperium
  • Deadlands
  • Numenera
  • The Strange

Personal Setting Passions

Aside from mega-campaigns, what other stuff are folks willing to GM over next 2 years? Or are really wanting to play? Fallout is planned. What else? Cyberpunk? Supers?

— Stan