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SOW Template

Supers 1-Sheet & Setting

Project #1: One-Sheet Adventure


Pay: $25 fixed fee


Wordcount: Approximately 1,200 words


Timing: 1st Draft by End of January


Description: Write a one-sheet adventure following the Pinnacle One-Sheet format. Adventure should assume a hopeful, DC Comics style supers setting with costumed superheroes. Deliverable is text-only. If you want to email me a summary of the adventure before you write it to get feedback that would be cool, but isn’t required.


Art: We like to have some art with each one-sheet so please decide if a map or a portrait of a character is better. If a portrait is needed, please briefly describe the character we should illustrate. If a map is essential please provide some reference art or a rough sketch so that we may commission map art.


Stat Blocks: This adventure will use the Rarescape™ RPG system still under development. So don’t provide any stat blocks, but instead simply refer to a description of the superheroes powers. Even better would be to pick out a character (ideally a DC Comics character) and say ‘Doctor Hellfrost has the same powers as Mr. Freeze’, picking a character from one of the RPG stat conversions from ‘Icons’:

Project #2: Custom Supers Setting


Pay: $25 fixed fee


Wordcount: Between 500 and 1,000 words


Timing: 1st Draft by Mid-February


Description: Write a short Supers setting. It should follow the style and tone of this Evil Hat, LLC setting called Venture City:


The above one-sheet should take place in this setting so you might want to write the setting before you write the adventure. The setting should be a hopeful, DC Comics style supers setting with costumed superheroes. Ideally there is some twist to the setting to make it a bit unique.


I really like Venture City so if your setting is very close to that, that would be fine, just don’t copy their text.


Your setting should explain why superheroes wear costumes, and what their relationship is with the government. The characters should be such that you can use Heroclix DC and Marvel figures in this setting (although perhaps repainted so you’re not using well-known caped heroes).


Deliverable is text-only. Please email me a quick summary of the setting to get approval before writing the final product.


Art: Specify what art would be cool for this setting overview — perhaps a map of the main city, a supers hideout, etc.