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Studio 2 & Solicitation Cycle

Distributors & Retailer discounts:

Most in the industry sell to distributors at 55-60% off MSRP and to retailers at 40-50% off MSRP.


Fulfillment Rates:

$5.00 per pallet per week storage fee
$2.00 per order shipped
$.28 per unit picked and packed
$1-$2 per box if repacking is required

Pallet fees are indeed waived if we are placing the product into distribution for you.

Print Brokering
If you want us to print broker the product after your Kickstarter we would gather the quotes for you and then you would supply the print files and pay for the print run. We would handle all the printer interaction and logistics of delivery to our warehouse. Then you would supply us the database to send out the rewards and once completed we would bill you for the order fulfillment based on the above fulfillment fees.

Ideal Lifecycle
If you are doing an off-set print run in China it will take about 12 weeks from turning the files over to the printer to get the books delivered to our door. At the same time you send the files you should be sending us the solicitation information as that cycle takes 3-4 months for the distributors to complete. Ideally the books will come in about the same time the solicitation cycle completes so the books aren’t sitting around the warehouse to long. If the title is for a Kickstarter as well this gives a few weeks to fulfill backer orders before the distribution release, nobody wants a backer to see the title they Kickstarted on a store shelf before they get their rewards.


For sales clients we only get paid if your games are selling since we are paid via a 30% commission off the sales amount of your product. On a $10.00 MSRP item we sell to a distributor for 57% off MSRP ($4.30) we would collect $1.29 and pay you $3.01. The same item sold to a retailer at 50% off MSRP ($5.00) we would collect $1.50 and pay you $3.50. The same item sold on our website or at a convention for full MSRP ($10.00) we would collect $3.00 and pay you $7.00. Our 30% covers everything we do for you that we collect payment for. The only time you will be billed for anything else is when you ask us to do something that we do not collect the payment for and then we bill fulfillment charges. So for instance, if you asked us to send 10 copies of your game to an artist we would bill you $2.00 for the order + $.28 per unit + Actual shipping= $4.80 + shipping. As part of a family of publishers you will have the benefit of having distributors reorder your products when another of our clients has a new release and likewise when you have a new release the other clients will have their products restocked.

Solicitation Cycle
We recommend that you run any new releases through the full four month solicitation cycle that the distributors need in order to collect their preorders from the retailers. Basically you submit the info to Studio 2 four months before the product is ready to be shipped and we will get the info submitted to the distributors so that when the product is ready to release we will collect the orders and ship out the orders to release at the distributors on the same day.